Cleaning Products

Some car washes use harsh detergents that strip away a layer of paint every time you get a car wash. We are not one of them! We only use the best equipment with environmentally friendly cleaners.
We use a clear coat to help maintain your vehicle and protect it against UV rays, acids from leaf stains, tree sap, bug spatter and bird droppings.  To provide this special protection, Wash and Glow applies a layer of Carnauba Wax product, to your vehicle’s surface.

Conserving Water

Did you know that on average, an at home car wash uses 80-140 gallons of water, but at Wash and Glow we use 30-45 gallons per wash? At Wash and Glow, we are persistent at conserving water and be ecologically responsible.  How do we do this? We reclaim the water used in our washing process and discharge the excess into the local water treatment facility. To further contribute to conservation, we use a computer-controlled metering system that precisely outputs the exact amount of water required for efficiently cleaning your vehicle.

ICE-Premium Turtle Wax

Research has proven that Turtle Wax protects your vehicle better than any other wax. ICE is a blend of silicone and hydrocarbon polymers that protects your vehicle’s paint and administers shine and durability. This Turtle Wax technology is developed with light stabilizers to safeguard your vehicle’s finish from the Sun’s UV rays.
One application provides shine to your vehicle. Although, the more you visit Wash and Glow, the more gloss and shine your car will have.

The Environment

Skip the at home wash. Here’s why…
When you think about all the corrosive, toxic chemicals that cover our streets, you’ll realize how much is tracked by your tires: asphalt, brake residue, antifreeze, grease, oil, etc. All of these substances get collect on your driveway and sidewalk and leave your home and come back. When you wash your car at home, these substances get released into the storm drains that are only designed for rainwater. Whatever is on your car (including soap) eventually ends up in rivers, lakes and streams.
Don’t flush these substances down the storm drain. Come into Wash and Glow where our eco-friendly technology keeps toxic substances out of our nearby rivers and lakes and reduces pollution.

True to the Finish

The most effective way to prevent damage to the finish of your car, is regularly washing your vehicle. However, not all car washes are the same, multiple methods for car washes exist and they are not created equal. Some methods are ineffective and can damage a car’s finish and the environment. But here at Wash and Glow, we pride ourselves on providing an effective way to prevent premature deterioration to your finish and being eco friendly.